September 11, 2011

              Why Do I Need Real-Time Trigger Functionality?

              The latest Basler IP Cameras with CCD sensors are equipped with so-called real-time trigger functionality. Read on to find out what real-time trigger is, and how you can benefit from it.
              Basler IP Cameras normally capture images without the need for any type of triggering by the user. For instance, if a camera is set for a frame rate of 30 frames per second, it will internally generate all of the required signals needed to initiate the start of an image capture every 1/30th of a second. In this scenario, you have no control over when the start of any image capture will occur. The camera simply begins each image capture as required to maintain the frame rate.
              Normal Image Capture Process at 30 fps
              In many typical surveillance situations, this mode of operation is exactly what you want. An automatically captured, continuous stream of images will be perfect, for example, to monitor the actions on a banking floor or a building lobby. In some situations, however, you need to trigger an image capture at a particular point in time. For example, in a traffic control situation you might want to trigger an image capture at a particular point in time after a car passes a sensor on a highway.
              The real-time trigger feature on Basler IP Cameras guarantees that an image capture will start after a trigger signal is applied to a properly configured I/O port on the camera and an "abort time" period has expired. The abort time for Basler’s box camera models is seven milliseconds, so an image capture is guaranteed to start seven milliseconds after a real-time trigger signal is applied to a properly configured port on the camera.
              Image Capture Process with Real-Time Trigger Functionality
              For more information on how to use the real-time trigger functionality with your Basler IP Camera, please refer to the latest IP camera manual in our download area.

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