March 31, 2015

              Which Camera Models Work with Basler Lenses?

              Which Camera Models Work with Basler Lenses?
              Our Basler Lenses ensure optimal performance for your camera, with an outstanding price/performance ratio - all starting from €99. We developed our Basler Lenses specially for sensors smaller than 1/2" so that the image circle dimensions match the size of the camera sensor, thus ensuring that the sensor can be used to its fullest.

              Our Basler Lenses are especially ideal for use with the following ace, dart and pulse camera models (Model, Resolution, Pixel size, Sensor name, Sensor size):
              In addition to more effective harnessing of the image circle size through use of the Basler Lenses, you can also boost your system performance and sink system costs with the Basler ace 10 and 14 MP models. The models are outfitted with high resolution Aptina CMOS sensors that deliver highly detailed images yet are simple and affordable to integrate. 

              With the Basler dart board level cameras you get the latest USB 3.0 camera technology and  a strongly cost-optimized design. The models are compatible with a variety of lenses, and are built in small sizes and weights that make them easy to integrate into your applications.

              The Basler pulse was developed to meet the requirements of a broad variety of vision applications. The pulse series stands out, starting with a sharp, robust metal housing including tripod adapter and a CS-mount which can easily be converted to C- or S-mount.

              Please don't hesitate to contact our Sales team or your regional Basler distribution partner for a personal consultation.

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