March 28, 2014

              What Makes the Basler racer Line Scan Cameras so Special?

              The Basler racer
              Whatever qualities are most important for you — high speeds, top image quality or easy of use — Basler racer is  always a strong choice. The racer line scan cameras are engineered to handle the requirements of a wide range of line scan camera applications. This starts with the sensors, developed specially for Basler, which deliver high quality images built on the latest CMOS sensor technology and scan speeds of up to 80kHz. Whether 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k or 12k – with GigE or Camera Link interface, the racer simply fits in wherever it's needed.
              What are the benefits for you? Here are 7 good reasons why the racer camera deserves a closer look:
              • Flexibility to handle a broad range of line scan applications: Resolutions from 2k to 12k, GigE and Camera Link interface, scan rates of up to 80 kHz. The racer covers a broad spectrum of potential applications.

              • Integrates easily into both hardware and software landscapes: The compact, space-saving housing makes it easy to integrate into existing systems. Our pylon Camera Software Suite keeps usage and configuration simple and easy on the software side.

              • Low system costs: With well-established standards in the area of sensors, accessories and interfaces, system costs are kept low. Among the elements of note in these cameras: CMOS sensors producing a pixel size from 3.5 - 7 µm; C and F mounts and M42 lens adaptors; SDR (mini CL) plugs for PoCL and standard Hirose plugs; as well as GigE. All in all it's easy to implement convenient and cost-saving accessories.

              • Suitable for applications in low-light conditions: The low noise and strong performance in dynamic conditions makes the racer suitable for applications in low-light environments as well. Standard LED illumination is generally sufficient, eliminating the need for high-power lighting setups.

              • Compatible with multi-camera systems: With compact dimensions and low heat generation, the Basler racer will be of interest to anyone designing a multi-camera system. Indeed, the camera is a proven top performer even when ambient temperatures rise.

              • High, detail-rich image quality: The low levels of heat generation on the racer allows for low noise and with it improved image quality. The CMOS sensors also perform along a very high dynamic range that promotes more detail-rich images.

              • Outstanding value for the performance: Our customers appreciate not just the strong image quality, but also the outstanding price/performance ratio. The Basler racer lays the groundwork for effective deployment of camera systems engineered for low system costs and a cost-effective bundling of camera, lens and GigE port.
              Interested? Our Sales Team would be happy to tell you more about how the racer can help you.

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