February 23, 2016

              What Is Image Quality?

              Image quality is a complex topic that goes far beyond brightness or sharpness. How do sensor and pixel sizes, quantum efficiency, SNR, and dynamic range affect a camera’s image quality? How can you correctly interpret the figures in an EMVA1288 camera datasheet? Do high values in those datasheets mean better images?

              Watch our latest Vision Campus video for answers to these and many more questions. Learn which factors contribute to composing a “good” image and which criteria should be considered when comparing the image quality of different cameras for your vision system.    

              Want to know more about the intricacies of image quality in a vision system? Our free White Paper “How Do You Assess Image Quality?” provides helpful support for evaluating the image quality of different cameras.

              The Vision Campus provides many other comprehensive articles and videos about industrial image processing and Vision Technology in general. There are entries detailing the benefits of the USB 3.0 interface, the advantages of small camera sizes, or how to find the right lens for your camera, among others – available as either text or video. Have a look for yourself!

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