February 20, 2014

              What Exactly is Meant by 'Real-Time Capability' and What Role Does Real-‘Time Capability Play in Image Processing?

              Real time Capability
              The world of image processing offers many examples of the important role real-time capability plays for both industrial cameras and network cameras. One example from the realm of production controls makes clear the importance of real-time capability for industrial cameras.

              During production, parts are often transported along high-speed conveyor belts. Precision control can only be achieved if the camera is able to record the images as quickly as the parts are delivered, as this ensures that the results of an inspection are available for the control functions, such as the handling or feedback control of the production equipment. One major impact on the quality of the image is the latency time, or the delay on the part of the camera from the receipt of trigger signal and recording of the image — the lower the better. Yet on the other hand this time delay cannot vary, meaning that no jitter can occur at the time the image is recorded. If you think about applications with high frame rates (such as 300 fps), then the latency times must be reduced to the microsecond range.

              You can read more about this exciting topic on our Technology page or contact our Basler Sales Team or our local Basler Distribution Partner.

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