December 22, 2014

              We're Celebrating 1 Year of CMOS Sensors from e2v!

              Basler ace with CMOS Sensors from e2v
              Our ace GigE models with CMOS sensors from e2v are turning one year old, and have proven a smashing success on the market since the launch of series production. They deliver 60 fps and outstanding image quality thanks to their low noise and high sensitivity.

              Seven models in all are available:

              The various monochrome and color cameras are outfitted either with global shutter technology or cost-efficient rolling shutter technology, or in a NIR-optimized variant. As such, they can handle a variety of applications, from factory automation and tasks related to semiconductor and electronics production to barcode and print scanning and traffic monitoring.

              For individual consultation please contact our Sales team or your regional Basler distribution partner.

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