April 11, 2011

              Viewing Images from Basler IP Cameras on Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

              With the recent integration of Basler IP cameras into the WiseVue application, it is now possible to view images from Basler cameras on a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) running Apple’s iOS operating system. In order to receive images from the demo Basler cameras, download the free WiseVue application from the Apple Store (on your iPhone, for example), and access one of two Basler IP cameras installed for test purposes. Once you have downloaded the application, enter the "wisedvus" IP address, the "7045" port address, and the "WiseBasler" password. Touch Connect.
              You will see two camera images on your iPhone. If you click on either one of the two images, you can also see a blue color video icon. If you press the video icon, it will play a live video stream at 30 frames per second on your iPhone or iPad.

              The two Basler IP cameras delivering the video data for the demo are located in Germany. One of them is transmitting an MPEG-4 encoded video stream and the other is transmitting an H.264 encoded stream.

              Do you own Basler cameras and would you like to try WiseCast?
              An evaluation version of WiseCast software is available for you to try. Click the link below to send an email to: Basler Camera WiseCast Evaluation License Version Request .
              About WiseVue and WiseCast

              WiseVue is an iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch application used to view IP cameras through WiseCast. A combination of WiseCast and WiseVue makes it possible to view live images and video on your mobile device from IP camera set for MPEG-4 or H.264 streaming.

              WiseCast is PC software used to convert MPEG-4 or H.264 IP camera video into iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch compatible images and video streams. Thanks to WiseCast, you can view images from MPEG-4 or H.264 encoded video streams on your iPhone or iPad.

              WiseVue brings video surveillance technology from the desktop to mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad allowing users to monitor security 24/7/365.

              For more information, please visit www.wisedv.com/wisevue.htm or http://wisedv.com/index_wisecast.htm

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