February 21, 2011

              Updated Lens and Bandwidth Calculator Tools Available

              Bandwith and Storage Calculator
              Our updated lens and bandwidth calculator tools now include the new Basler IP Fixed Box Camera models with CCD or CMOS sensors and the lens types recently added to our accessories portfolio.
              Based on the required field of view, pixel density, camera type, distance to the surveillance object, and your requirements regarding the day/night function, the Lens Calculator tool will suggest the correct lens for your Basler IP camera.
              With the Bandwidth and Storage Calculator, you can calculate the bandwidth and storage space required for the camera's image streams and thus the necessary server size.
              The bandwidth needed for the image streams transmitted by an IP camera is determined by the desired resolution, frame rate, image quality, encoder type (MJPEG, MPEG-4, or H.264), and the level of movement in the image.
              The storage space required can then be calculated based on the bandwidth used by each camera, the number of image streams, the number of recording hours per day, and the number of recording days.
              You can download the new tools in our download section. Both tools are included in the BIP Calculator software package.

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