November 28, 2014

              University Project: Basler and Team Galaxis Ready to Go For a Drive

              University Project: Basler and Team Galaxis
              Team GalaXIs is composed of IT, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering students from the RWTH Aachen. For the "Carolo Cup", a competition aimed at institutions for higher education, it accepted the task of developing and producing a self-driving model vehicle at a 1:10 scale. The vehicles should also be as cost and energy efficient as possible. The entries will be tested using an obstacle course containing a variety of challenges.

              The project group worked on their own to develop and build the model vehicle, including the hardware, image detection, modeling and guidance systems. There are two essential systems when creating a self-driving vehicle: guidance and image processing. The latter responsibility is handled using a camera, in this case our 2 MP ace GigE CMOSIS and special image detection algorithms that determine both the position of the vehicle on the roadway and the condition of the roadway ahead.

              The camera system must fulfill the following requirements:

              • Real-time compatibility and a high count of frames per second at high quality are both must-have factors, as they are needed to determine the vehicle position and determine the status of the road ahead.
              • Low latency to ensure that the images are as current as possible.
              • Stable and reliable frame rates so that other components of the system, including the vehicle guidance, can be configured around it.
              • Compact and light camera with low power consumption so that the camera can be integrated into the model vehicle.
              • Compatibility with Linux and availability of suitable plug-ins for Matlab Simulink software.
              • Wide-angle lens to ensure that the entire roadway can be captured.
              • Low radial distortion to keep calculation corrections as low as possible.
              For more information about our ace series, please click here. Please don't hesitate to contact our Basler Sales Team with any questions.

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