July 2, 2015

              Tips for Selecting a Camera — Don't Get Lost in the Jungle of Options

              Tips for Selecting a Camera — Don't Get Lost in the Jungle of Options
              The seemingly endless array of options can make finding the right camera for a vision system into an overwhelming experience. Beyond that, there are a variety of questions that need answering, such as:

              • What do you need to see with the camera?
              • What characteristics must the camera possess?
              • Do you need an industrial camera or a network model?
              • What interface must the camera have?
              Our latest Vision Campus article, "Lost in the Jungle of Options? Camera Selection — How Can I Find the Right Camera for My Image Processing System?", clears the path for you, showing how to find the right camera for your vision system.  

              In the Vision Campus you'll find a full range of information related to Vision technology — both in written articles and videos. This includes, for example, the Fundamentals of Image Processing Systems. What makes up this kind of system? Or watch a video from Vision Expert Thies Moeller as he explains how a digital industrial camera works.

              Looking for a simple, comprehensible source of information on image processing, vision technology or various camera functions? You'll find this and more in the Vision Campus. Have a look for yourself!

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