February 4, 2013

              The USB3 Vision Standard is Complete

              Version 1.0 of the USB3 Vision standard has now been officially ratified by the committee. One impressive part of this achievement is that it took only a year and a half for a standard for the USB 3.0 interface to be composed. Basler took a strong and active role in the development of this standard. This was also the case with GigE Vision a few years ago – a standard that has since penetrated throughout the world. We're convinced that USB3 Vision will enjoy similar success.

              USB 3.0 cameras are well suited to replace older interfaces like FireWire and USB 2.0. The standard guarantees users stability and low latency for image transmission and control of cameras (based on GenICam). The use of USB3 Vision-certified components has numerous advantages for users: these range from simple swapping options and the freedom to use different cameras to highly refined communication between the different hardware and software components in the system setup.

              Basler ace USB 3.0 models

              Basler's successful ace series of USB3 Vision-certified cameras feature various CCD and CMOS sensors that deliver resolutions ranging from VGA to 5 MP. The cameras reflect our extensive experience in the development of industrial cameras and smooth implementation of the USB3 Vision standard. We'll be releasing more information about our USB 3.0 cameras in the next issues of our newsletter.

              Basler White Paper on USB 3.0

              Please also have a look at our white paper "USB 3.0 Interface and USB3 Vision Standard – Data, Facts, Setup and Migrating to USB 3.0" (PDF download). You can find it in our Downloads section by selecting the document type "White Paper".

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