July 4, 2016

              The Simple Solution for Multi-Camera Applications: New ace Models with GigE Vision 2.0

              The simple solution for multi-camera applications: New ace models with GigE Vision 2.0
              With the full-scale firmware update released in late May, all new ace models with sensors from the Sony Pregius series and PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor support the new GigE Vision 2.0 standard. This standard expands the possibilities for the GigE interface, especially for multi-camera systems, which can now be synchronized with much greater precision under GigE Vision 2.0. Thus, real-time applications are no longer a problem. The key technology here is the Precision Time Protocol (PTP), which standardizes the path used by components within the system to synchronize their time settings.

              The new ace GigE cameras can reduce delays between cameras to just a few nanoseconds — all using standard GigE components within the system.

              GigE Vision 2.0 allows both, accurate triggering and precisely harmonized shots in continuous operation.

              This type of precise synchronization of the cameras is used in a variety of applications, from 3D triangulation to sport and movement analysis as well as conveyor belt applications.

              Read more on synchronization in real-time in our white paper "Synchronous and in Real-Time: Operation of Multiple Cameras in a GigE Network."

              All Basler ace cameras with Sony's IMX sensors and PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor support the latest GigE Vision Standard 2.0.

              For more information and an overview of models, please visit: www.baslerweb.com/new-ace.

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