August 5, 2016

              The Role of IP Cameras and Modern CMOS Sensor Technology in ITS

              Traffic applications all have one crucial requirement in common: the cameras must deliver excellent image quality. Both the camera and sensor technology play a vital role in how image quality is produced and delivered.

              Modern CMOS sensors combine high sensitivity with low noise levels, a broad dynamic range, and global shutter. This makes them an ideal solution for many ITS applications. IP cameras equipped with modern CMOS sensor technology cope brilliantly with the demanding light conditions in a 24/7 outdoor environment. 

              In our latest White Paper “The Role of IP Cameras and Modern CMOS Sensor Technology in ITS” we explain the advantages of the modern generation of CMOS sensors for intelligent traffic systems, and how IP cameras can fulfil the need for indisputable evidence in traffic enforcement. 
              This White Paper and other useful material can be found in the Download area on our website. For further information, our Basler sales team will be happy to take your call or answer your email.

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