July 2, 2012

              The Power of Sight – Our New Corporate Movie is Ready

              Our new corporate movie was launched in June 2012. Filmed on locations in Ahrensburg and Hamburg, the movie showcases Basler’s corporate culture.

              The movie provides an insight into what we do and what we stand for. It is a snapshot of the passion with which our 300-strong workforce go about their work of creating smart solutions and delivering premium quality products at an affordable price.

              The movie was filmed and produced by the film agency ATV Produktion GmbH. We were impressed by their technical capabilities, their genuine interest in Basler as well as the aesthetic way they treated our topic. Around mid-April the film crew around producer Joachim Lühning and camera man Jonas Bak set up camp on our grounds. They filmed for five days over 40 scenes as well as numerous portraits of Basler people in countless versions and variants. These were later cut and edited into the right sequence. The film plays with so called “jump cuts:” A scene is recorded for a while but the middle part is cut out. This adds a sudden change to the scene and a sense of speed which draws the attention of the observer. The Basler logo animation was crafted and the music was composed specially for the film.

              Have a look yourself and enjoy watching our new movie!

              The movie will be distributed via our website and our social media channels.

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