October 8, 2015

              The New Basler Network Camera with IMX174 Sensor Opens up a New Dimension in Traffic Monitoring

              We've equipped one of our network cameras with the Sony IMX174 sensor. The BIP2-1920-30c is exceptionally well suited for ITS applications and will be released onto market in the fourth quarter of 2015. It offers Full HD resolution and modern global shutter technology, including a real time trigger for compressed and uncompressed images (YUV). These individual images can be created parallel to a video stream, laying the groundwork for additional tasks such as ANPR to be performed alongside routine traffic monitoring.
              The outstanding Sony IMX174 sensor delivers outstanding traffic images

              The Sony IMX174 sensor is currently counted among the top sensors on the market. It offers excellent image quality at a highly attractive price, with noise behavior rarely achieved even among CCD sensors. The outstanding sensitivity on the Sony IMX174 promotes a broad dynamic range previously unseen in traffic monitoring cameras. A broad dynamic range is crucial for accurate capture of both very dark and light areas of the image, a common factor in traffic applications with lighted license plates and the dark passenger compartment all in one image. This is a real advantage  in challenging light conditions.

              Unlike traditional IP cameras offering dynamic ranges that usually require multiple exposures, the IMX174 inside the BIP2-1920-30c ensures that one single exposure is enough. The clear advantage of just one exposure is that no motion blur occurs. This offers ideal conditions for tasks such as automated license plate recognition. When multiple exposures are used, those same license plates are often unreadable in moving traffic.

              ace series with Sony IMX174 sensor

              Beyond its new network camera, Basler is also offering area scan cameras with the IMX174 sensor: the ace acA1920-50gm and acA1920-50gc GigE cameras and two ace USB 3.0 models, the acA1920-155um and acA1920-155uc.

              For a personal consultation please contact the Basler sales team or your regional Basler distribution partner.

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