October 28, 2014

              The Lightness of Fiber: Basler pilot GigE Cameras used for Inline Quality Assurance in Lightweight Fiber Composite Construction

              Quality control of powders with Basler racer

              Fiber Measurement System (FMS)

              One effective way of cutting energy consumption is reducing weight. Lightweight construction featuring textile fiber composite materials opens up new potential for energy efficiency unavailable to conventional metal designs. Fiber composite materials are comprised of an embedding matrix and reinforcing fibers. The combination of these two components keeps the material highly durable despite the reduced weight.

              The Machine Tool Lab (WZL) at the RWTH Aachen developed the Fiber Measurement System (FMS), a robot-based sensor system in which Basler pilot cameras play a key role. The device detects and classifies production flaws in semi-finished textile products during the production of fiber reinforced plastics.

              The FMS thus establishes an important basis for process optimization in the production of fiber reinforced plastics and offers the decisive benefit of quality assurance.
              "We use Basler pilot cameras because they deliver top quality images and can be configured flexibly," confirms Sarah Ekanayake, M.Sc. from the WZL's Department of Production Measurement Engineering at the University of Aachen.

              More details on this application can be found in our Success Story "Inline Quality Assurance in Lightweight Fiber Composite Construction using the Basler pilot GigE cameras."

              The link below will take you directly to the Success Story. You can also find this Success Stories and other interesting documents in our Download Area.

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