May 22, 2014

              The Lenses of the Kowa 1" HC Series are Available from Basler

              Kowa HC series
              The Kowa HC series features high-quality 1" lenses that perfectly match the CMV4000 sensor in the acA2040-25gm/gc, acA2040-25gmNIR, acA2040-180km/kc and acA2040-180kmNIR camera models, covering focal lengths from 6 to 75 mm. The 1" lenses also prevent vignetting in combination with the CMV2000 sensor which can occur when a 2/3" lens is used – an important characteristic when using the acA2000-50gm/gc, acA2000-50gmNIR, acA2000-340km/kc or acA2000340kmNIR models. 

              Visit our Accessories Database to see all of the parts available for your Basler camera. Simply select the camera series or model, refine as desired by selecting an accessory category (such as "Lenses"), and you're done.

              Please also feel free to contact our Basler Sales Team for more information.

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