January 25, 2011

              Testing the BIP – Part 1

              Test lab
              Basler IP Cameras are known for their outstanding image quality. But this image quality does not come easily – rigorous testing in our laboratory helps us judge the image quality of our cameras and select the most suitable lenses.
              In our test lab, we use an ISO-12233 test chart, a color chart, and a collection of objects on a rotating table to assess a camera's motion blur. To expose our cameras to all possible lighting conditions, we apply different illumination settings from daylight, halogen, and fluorescent to colored or white LEDs, back light, and infrared light. We can even simulate the lighting changes over the whole course of a day.
              In addition, we use software called Imatest Master that gives us detailed values for different camera characteristics. The findings gathered during our tests help us pick a suitable lens for any camera type and also influence the development of our IP cameras and their firmware.
              SFR (Spatial Frequency Response)
              Imatest's SFRplus test lets us make conclusions about the image quality and sharpness of a camera/lens combination. We use this test to make sure that we only recommend lenses to our customers that are an optimal fit for our IP cameras.
              This test requires a special standard SFRplus test chart displaying tilted squares. The square edges show how well the camera/lens combination can reproduce sudden color transitions.
              The SFRplus test also provides detailed information about the exact resolution supplied by a Basler IP Camera coupled with a specific lens.
              You can read more about checks on color fidelity, dynamic range, and distortion  in the February issue of our newsletter!
              About Imatest
              Imatest LLC, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, is the world's leading provider of software for testing digital image quality in still shots or video, and in visible or infrared light. Imatest delivers software and consulting services to support the product design, configuration, and production of digital imaging systems across a wide range of industries including mobile imaging, medical imaging, aerospace, and defense.

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