July 30, 2012

              Teleoperation System Uses Basler IP Cameras

              Finnish video system specialist OptoFidelity Ltd. is about to make a breakthrough in the area of real-time and multidimensional camera viewing in remote-controlled machines. Together with industry association FIMA (Forum for Intelligent Machines), OptoFidelity is exploring the applicability of 3D cameras and displays to teleoperation systems. Their project focuses on 3D detection of objects in an image, and subsequent user interactions.

              OptoFidelity’s system uses two Basler  BIP2-1600-25c-dn network cameras mounted side by side, monitoring the work area. "Basler IP Cameras are extremely compact, so they can be positioned just six centimeters apart, which is a good stereoscopic baseline for short distances from one to three meters," says Petteri Aimonen, Software Developer at OptoFidelity. "Other cameras are too wide to be used for close-up stereo imaging, because images captured with a larger distance between cameras will confuse the human eye."
              IP cameras normally capture images without the need for any type of triggering. However, in this application, OptoFidelity relies on Basler's real-time trigger technology to ensure that both cameras capture an image simultaneously, so that the two resulting camera images are perfectly synchronized.

              The images are transmitted via a TCP/IP network to a PC. The PC re-synchronizes the frames from the two separate cameras, and joins them to form a stereoscopic image. After processing, the 3D images are displayed on a monitor where an operator can view them using active shutter 3D glasses, and can handle objects individually.

              "Our new 3D technology gives the operator a feeling of image depth and makes it easier to move goods," states Kimmo Jokinen, CTO at OptoFidelity. "With this system, we will make the work safer and more accurate."

              Possible applications for OptoFidelity’s technology are remote-operated cranes, digging machines, and other remote-controlled heavy machinery.

              About OptoFidelity Ltd.

              OptoFidelity Ltd. specializes in machine vision and optical measurement technology. With its solutions, OptoFidelity helps its customers to shorten their research and development processes.

              For further information, visit www.optofidelity.com.

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