January 31, 2014

              Success Story: OptoFidelity's Measurement Device Works With Basler Area Scan Camera to Accelerate R&D Processes

              Basler Area Scan Cameras
              The Finnish company OptoFidelity has developed Watchdog, a revolutionary device to measure latency and reaction times in user interfaces during the entire R&D phase. A simple example to highlight how Watchdog works: Which of two smartphones being tested reacts quicker to a press of the button? Step one is putting the first smartphone under the Watchdog. The Watchdog "observes" the product and measures the precise response time from the press of the button up to the execution of an action. The Basler camera used in Watchdog serves as the 'eye' for the measurement device. Then the process is repeated with the second smartphone and the response times are compared. Watchdog and the integrated Basler camera have made older methods for testing device performance antiquated.

              For more information on this application, check out our success story "Accelerate your R&D processes with measurement devices from OptoFidelity, including Basler area scan cameras."

              The link below will take you directly to the Success Story. You can also find this success story and other interesting documents in our Download area.

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