May 4, 2012

              Success Story: Basler ace GigE Cameras Catch Face Motion for Animation Movie Industry

              ECON’s and Dolphio’s product Facemotion is a specialized face motion capture system that works with a similar technology that was used in the L.A. Noir video game or the popular Avatar movie for the characters' face movements. In this technique, markers are placed on characteristic spots on a human face or body and ace cameras record the person acting. The information which the markers deliver is used to animate digital character models in 3D. The main R&D challenge is to code algorithms that can precisely track the movement of markers on different camera pictures, and to calculate the 3D positions from them without marker loss and marker exchange.

              Some impressive examples of how the technique works and how realistic the results are nowadays can be found on EasyCap Studio’s website:


              This PDF, and more success stories, can also be found in our Downloads Section.

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