January 23, 2015

              Steve has Perspective. With the new Basler Lenses!

              Basler Lenses, Simpleshow
              Without the proper lens, even the greatest camera will only perform half as well — a truism of image processing that's on Steve's mind. What suits best for the small sensors on his new Basler cameras? The Basler Lenses are optimized for sensor sizes of 1/2" and smaller! And suddenly Steve notices: not everything is the way it looks at first glance.

              Steve's 'a-ha' moment: 5 MP sensor resolution brings the truth to light

              Large sensor + large lens = fits. Small sensor + large lens = fits, but is suboptimal. Small sensor + small lens = the combination Steve was looking for! The new Basler Lenses: Steve is amazed by more than just the affordable price and the real 5 megapixel resolution on his new Basler Lenses — see for yourself the added bonuses he wasn't expecting!

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