July 7, 2016

              Smart Warehouse Logistics in the Age of Industry 4.0 – An Intelligent Reach Truck with Basler ToF Cameras Makes It Possible. – New Success Story

              Current-generation driverless vehicles are limited to following predefined routes and cannot react flexibly to change. If a barrier is encountered, the vehicle has no capacity to circumvent it. The only option is an emergency stop. If the object to be transported is not located precisely where expected, the vehicle is unable to take further action.

              These current limitations make driverless transport systems time-intensive and expensive to set up. Industry 4.0 promises new approaches for providing machines with the innate human ability to orient themselves without expensive aids.

              An intelligent, driverless reach truck developed as part of the research project learns to orient itself based on its environment. It takes advantage of an initial human-guided tour of the facility to learn all aspects of its surroundings. Crucial components of these "smart" reach trucks are three Basler ToF Cameras.

              Read more about this application in our latest Success Story “Smart Warehouse Logistics in the Age of Industry 4.0 – An Intelligent Reach Truck with Basler Time-of-Flight (ToF) Cameras Makes It Possible." More interesting Success Stories, White Papers and Marketing Notes can be found in the Download-Section on our website.

              Read our White Paper to find out whether a Time-of-Flight camera might also be suitable for your application. Beyond a comprehensive explanation of the Time-of-Flight principle, it also provides an overview on potential factors influencing the setup of your Time-of-Flight camera system.

              There's also a fascinating article on the role of image processing in industry 4.0 in our Vision Campus: The Future is Smart – Image Processing, an Important Component of Industry 4.0.

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