July 12, 2015

              Small and Powerful – New dart Product Video

              Additional features and information about the dart board level camera can be found in this video.

              The dart is currently one of the few board level cameras that is 100% compliant with the USB3 Vision standard. The USB 3.0 interface ensures secure data transmission and — thanks to plug and play — extra-convenient integration into your image processing system.

              A cost-optimized design paired with our proven Basler quality and reliability translate into an outstanding price/performance ratio.

              The dart is available with CMOS sensors from Aptina with resolutions between 1.2 MP and 5 MP and can deliver up to 54 images per second.

              The benefits of the dart at a glance:

              • Small footprint: The dart is one of the smallest USB3 VISION board level cameras
              • Outstanding price/performance ratio: Thanks to the cost-optimized design, list prices start at just 99 €
              • Flexible: The dart is available with a S-mount and CS-mount and as a bare board variant
              • Extremely lightweight and low power consumption: The bare board variant weighs just 5 grams, while the S-mount and CS-mount versions tip the scales at roughly 15 grams
              • Plug and play with forward-looking USB3 VISION technology
              • Proven Basler quality and reliability

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