September 16, 2013

              Simpler Than Ever Before: Basler pylon 4 Camera Software Suite and the New USB Configurator

              pylon 4
              It’s never been as easy to start up a Basler camera as it is with the new pylon 4 Camera Software Suite and the new USB3 Vision standard. Simply download and install pylon 4, connect the camera to the computer’s USB 3.0 port, start the pylon viewer, and feed  in images. That’s it!

              If, however, user errors should occur, such as if the USB 3.0 camera is connected to a USB 2.0 port, you have a tool – the USB Configurator – at your disposal that quickly detects such errors and clearly displays them. The USB Configurator also provides detailed information on USB topology, clearly shows possible bandwidth limitations, and allows, for instance, erroneous driver mapping to be repaired with just one click.
              Please find more information on pylon 4 and its use with our new ace USB 3.0 cameras in a short video on our YouTube channel.
              USB Configurator

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