March 7, 2013

              Shipping First ace USB 3.0 Cameras for Evaluation

              We're pleased to be shipping the first Basler ace USB 3.0 cameras to our customers for evaluation. These first models, with 1.3 and 5 MP resolution respectively, are timed to coincide with the ratification of the USB3 Vision Standard. Additional models will be following in the next two months.

              Good, Better, ace

              The Basler ace stands for top quality and delivers a super-fast, simple to use USB 3.0 interface that includes a 56 MB frame buffer, a broad portfolio of CMOS and CCD sensors and a compact 29 mm x 29 mm x 29 mm housing. Benefits of the new USB 3.0 interface include the low CPU load, high data throughput rates of up to 350 MB/s and low latency and jitter times. The frame buffer concept combines speed and stability for your applications. The new Basler ace USB 3.0 cameras are ideal replacements for FireWire or USB 2.0 cameras in existing installations due to their technical features and small size.

              USB 3.0 White Paper

              For more information about USB 3.0 and the USB3 Vision Standard, please review our white paper "USB 3.0 interface and USB3 Vision Standard – Dates, facts, setup and tips for switching over." You can find it together with other white papers in our document download area.

              Interested in testing our new ace USB 3.0 cameras? Please contact your Basler sales partner.

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