November 9, 2015

              Seven Good Reasons to Choose the Basler beat

              Seven Good Reasons to Choose the Basler beat
              The Basler beat, the latest addition to our area scan camera portfolio, boasts the high resolution and speed needed in particular for applications in the Medical, Semiconductor Inspection and Traffic fields. The camera is available in both monochrome and color models, featuring cutting edge progressive scan and global shutter technology.

              Our customers value these cameras for more than just the strong price/performance ratio. Here are more reasons to reach for the Basler beat:

              • You'll receive top precision and depth of detail thanks to the high-resolution CMOSIS CMV 12000 sensor inside. With 12 MP of resolution, it offers image quality comparable to that of a CCD camera.
              • The Basler beat processes at 62 frames per second, capturing images fast and with strong color fidelity, even with short exposure times. 
              • The Camera Link interface ensures optimal data throughput.
              • Integration is easy thanks to a space-saving housing and support for Basler's free pylon Camera Software Suite, which is based on the GenICam standard.
              • You'll also save costs through the flexible mount concept and standardized accessories portfolio.
              • Multi-camera systems can be set up using less space, since the Basler beat works with a robust yet compact housing.
              • The Basler beat consumes little energy and generates only a low amount of heat. With less heat generated, fewer components are needed to regulate temperatures, which in turn means a smaller camera housing and lower expenses.
              These properties make the camera especially interesting for all types of measurement and identification tasks. The Basler beat is used in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, in enforcement and rail & road applications as well as for medical technology and laboratory automation, such as in fluorescence microscopy.

              Curious to find out even more? Simply contact a member of our Basler Sales team or your local Basler distribution partner for a personal consultation.

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