January 13, 2012

              Series Production Start Ahead – Basler ace GigE Cameras Fitted with the Popular Sony CCD ICX 414 and ICX 415 Sensors

              Basler will soon kick off the large-scale production of new ace area scan camera models with Gigabit Ethernet interface.

              The acA645-100gm/gc and acA780-75gm/gc monochrome and color cameras are fitted with the popular Sony CCD ICX 414 and ICX 415 sensors. The acA645-100 models (ICX 414) have a fast frame rate of 100 frames per second (fps) at VGA resolution. The acA780-75 models (ICX 415) deliver 75 fps at CCIR resolution. All cameras offer excellent image quality, a host of useful functions and are available with C-mount or CS-mount.

              The two Sony ICX 414 and ICX 415 sensors are standard components in analog cameras. With these new ace models the transition from analog to digital camera technology is now easier than ever. The cameras are easy to replace as they have the same compact 29 x 29 mm footprint as most analog cameras. They offer all the benefits of a digital camera and are extremely good value for money.

              Due to their outstanding image quality and fast frame rates, Basler ace cameras are suitable for a range of applications, for example, in factory automation, electronics, robotic machinery and medical systems.

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