June 15, 2016

              Selecting a Lens — The Easy Way to Make the Right Choice

              A camera without the right lens will never work to its full capabilities. While this might seem like an academic matter, in practice finding the right lens can be as tough as choosing the camera model in the first place. Which lens type fits your application? Why is the highest megapixel count not necessarily a guaranty for optimal image results?

              Lenses are always optimized in terms of specific performance data. This current Basler White Paper from our "Image Processing for Beginners" series describes how to navigate the inescapable compromise between aperture number, image size, magnification and of course costs to find the right balance of performance and economy for your application.

              Did you miss the first three parts of our series, or want to review what you've already read? You can find them in the document download area of our website. We have white papers available on

              "Fundamentals of Image Processing,"
              "Camera Selection" and
              "How Do You Assess Image Quality?"

              as well as many other interesting topics.  

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