March 27, 2015

              Search and Ye Shall Find — Basler Optimizes the Website Search Function

              Search and Ye Shall Find — Basler Optimizes the Website Search Function
              To make it easier to search through our website, we decided to rework the search function. Google has years of experience in this field, so we've integrated the search giant's "Google Custom Site Search" technology effective immediately.

              Visitors to can now work with a search function that is not just better, but faster as well. Google's proven search algorithm ensures that only truly relevant hits are displayed, so users find the right results fast.

              Another new aspect: the filter function. Users can decide whether and how the search hits should be filtered. Options are available to filter by company division, and between website zones such as Company, Support and News/Press. It's also possible to filter for documents, so that only PDF files or other articles on the website are shown. Another function available immediately is the ability to filter the hit list for images of products, accessories, news and more.

              The automatic suggestion function is also a feature familiar to many users from their normal Google searches. As soon as the user starts typing a search term, suggestions begin to appear for terms related to the search or even the complete term itself.

              Want to know what else the search function can do? Then just give it a try!

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