July 5, 2012

              Safer Shopping with Basler – Largest Shopping Mall in Bosnia-Herzegovina Trusts Basler IP Cameras

              In the city of Mostar, the Mepas Mall offers its customers an exciting shopping experience, with more than 90 shops, plus restaurants, a cinema and a hotel, in a total area of 100,000m2/1,000,000 ft2. To make it a safe shopping environment, Agencija KAMIR, the operator’s security consultant agency, opted for a digital camera solution with Basler network cameras for security surveillance in the mall’s public areas indoors and outdoors.
              According to KAMIR representative Ivica Brekalo, the key factors influencing their decision in favor of a digital system were higher resolution and better image quality, as compared with analog camera technology. Using suspended ceiling kits, IP fixed dome cameras with vandal-resistant dome housings were flush-mounted in the ceilings of all public indoor areas such as entrances and exits, gathering places, and corridors. The cameras capture fine details in the image material even under low light conditions – a fact that can provide crucial evidence in cases of pickpocketing or vandalism.

              In dim-lit areas such as underground parking or storage rooms, IP fixed box cameras with an additional day/night functionality were the natural choice. An automatically-retracting IR-cut filter supports good color rendering under favorable lighting conditions in day mode. At nightfall, the camera automatically switches to night mode. The sensor triggers the retraction of the filter, thus making the camera even more light-sensitive and delivering high quality black and white images.
              Compared with MJPEG, the subsequent compression of the images in H.264 format saves valuable memory space for cost-effective 30-day image storage. “The brilliant image quality confirms our decision in favor of Basler IP Cameras”, says Ivica Brekalo. Customers hardly notice the discreet presence of the surveillance system – and Basler is glad to be able to contribute to a relaxed and safe shopping experience in Mepas Mall.      

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