January 12, 2016

              Robust EMC/ESD Cable Transmits Power and Trigger Signals for Basler Cameras

              The new Power I/O PLC+ cable from Basler is especially well suited for use with Basler ace GigE, scout, pilot and aviator cameras connected to a PLC (programmable logistic controller, 24V). The cable is available with a 6-pin Hirose plug for Basler ace GigE cameras and a 12-pin Hirose plug for the Basler scout, pilot and aviator cameras. The cables are 10 meters long and have one open end. The special cable is especially designed for preventing a variety of EMC/ESD interferences. It also ensures secure transmission of trigger signals to the cameras.

              An overview of the cable's features:

              Camera Input
              • Adaptation of the signal level for zero voltage from PLC (<8.4V) to TTL (<1.4V) level.

              Camera input, output and power supply
              • Protects against reverse connection
              • Protects against power-on voltage peaks
              • Protects against positive and negative voltage peaks
              • Improved EMC/ESD security
              This cable has an integrated, moulded electronic board that allows for strong mechanical load and industrial use of the cable.

              Have more questions? Simply contact a member of our Basler Sales team or your local Basler distribution partner for a personal consultation.

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