September 17, 2015

              Retail in Focus: Basler Cameras for Applications in the Retail Environment

              Retail in Focus: Basler Cameras for Applications in the Retail Environment
              Basler cameras can be used as part of automated retail systems. In ATMs, for example, Basler cameras provide greater security, with cameras monitoring PIN entry and money removal to prevent fraud. In fully automated self-check-out systems, the cameras detect barcodes on merchandise or identify the shape of the products. This helps cut lines at supermarket check-out. For reverse vending machines, Basler cameras are used to identify the official deposit mark and the shape of the bottle. Kiosk systems and vending machines are also increasingly reliant on cameras to reliably dispense merchandise or to effectively recognize and advise customers.

              Another area of use for Basler cameras in the broad range of retail applications is recognition and counting. In shops or shopping malls, it is often important to understand how many customers are present in the business or location and where they are going. With the help of digital cameras, store operators determine where they should place certain items to effectively target customers. Beyond this, automated face recognition is used to monitor access points and speed up border control. For the logistics of goods, inventory-on-hand at a business is important information. Cameras can help here, for example in supermarkets, to assess the fill level of shelves.

              Suitable camera series for retail applications include the Basler ace, dart and pulse as well as Basler network cameras. The cameras can be used as stand-alone units or fully integrated into systems.
              Marcus-Michael Müller, Market Manager Retail at Basler
              Marcus-Michael Müller, Market Manager Retail at Basler, notes: "When it comes to automated retail systems in particular, it's important that the cameras remain the same over an extended period and are easy to integrate into systems. Those are the classic attributes of machine vision cameras. Thus, customers from the retail environment benefit from our years of experience with this technology, and will also appreciate our comprehensive technical support."

              For more information about Basler cameras for retail applications, please visit the new retail area of our website.

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