March 6, 2013

              Ready for Series Production: Basler ace Camera Link Cameras With NIR-optimized CMOSIS Sensors

              Basler offers the popular CMV2000 and CMV4000 sensors from CMOSIS within the ace area scan series in standard and NIR-optimized versions. The GigE cameras with these sensors have already been deployed to great success. Now the Camera Link versions are slated to enter into serial production.

              We've already got a supply of the cameras in stock for testing, meaning you can order yours at any time! Simple contact your regional Basler sales partner to arrange for a test of one of the models.
              The following models are available:
              Like the acA2000-340km/kc and acA2040-180km/kc models with standard sensors before them, these Camera Link cameras stand out for their low noise levels and very high sensitivity, enhanced with a significantly higher sensitivity in the NIR range. They deliver optimal images even at wavelengths above 600nm, offering decisive benefits in poor or fluctuating lighting conditions or during the night. This makes them excellent choices for surveillance tasks, biometrics and applications in intelligent traffic systems. The NIR-optimized cameras surpass even high-quality CCD cameras when it comes to image quality and sensitivity. At the same time they are significantly quicker and more affordable, meaning that you'll benefit from these innovative cameras in every regard.

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