November 3, 2015

              pylon 5 – Faster, smaller, simpler!

              As a driving force in establishing and further developing industry standards for machine vision cameras, Basler introduces the pylon 5 camera software suite as the first camera manufacturer to provide software that uses the new GenICam 3 technology.
              Faster: Thanks to GenICam 3, cameras now open about 4 times as quickly as the previous GenICam versions.

              Smaller: Compared to previous GenICam versions, GenICam 3 requires only about half as much working memory.

              Learn more about the differences between pylon 4 and pylon 5. You will find a comparison here on our pylon page.

              Both features are especially advantageous in systems with less performance (e.g. ARM based, embedded platforms such as Raspberry Pi). The new standard is also extensively backward compatible; no or only slight code modification of the existing software is necessary and even older Basler cameras profit from these innovations in pylon. Necessary changes are described in detail in the pylon Migration Guide.

              Simpler: With pylon 5, Basler introduces a new setup concept. Even inexperienced users can correctly install pylon with a few clicks for each respective purpose. Thanks to the new possibility of simple copy deployment programs generated with the pylon SDK can be delivered to the end user as easy as never before. Thus pylon can be installed without conflicts with machine vision software packages from other manufacturers based on GenICam technology.

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