February 1, 2012

              pylon 3.0 is Ready – Improved Functions, Remarkably Less Programming

              In the wake of the success of the Gigabit Ethernet interface the trend towards multi-camera setups continues unabated. On the driver side, the integration into client systems becomes more complex, for example functions like configuration, timing and buffer management. Although, in the past, the pylon package contained the full featured API (Application Programmable Interface) offering maximum flexibility and realization of every thinkable image acquisition scenario, extensive knowledge and experience was needed to use its entire functionality.

              Easy Programming and Less Code

              This complexity is now greatly reduced by pylon 3.0. It introduces a new high-level C++ API extension which simplifies the typical tasks encountered in image acquisition projects. It relieves users from the burden of buffer management and comes with a customizable grab engine that supports all kinds of different image acquisition scenarios. Information about newly available grabbed images in PC RAM was only offered in a “passive” manner in pylon 2.x releases, that is users had to request it. With pylon 3.0, the client can select the “call-back” functions to be informed by the system when new images are available. Also more advanced features like “handling of camera events” or “extended data streams seamlessly integrate” can be coded much easier than with pylon 2.x. Just a few lines of code are needed to display a live image, save images, write AVI files, and convert to and from a variety of different pixel formats.

              You can find further information in the documentation that comes with the free pylon SDK.

              Use Old or New pylon?

              We will continue to supply and test older pylon APIs. Compatibility checks within the pylon test framework will ensure that you can continue to work with the pylon version you currently use. For new projects we recommend pylon 3.0, which is easier to code and use.

              Documentation and SDK Download

              The current “pylon Release Notes” contain a list with all improvements and bug fixes. The Release Notes can be found under “Software Downloads” together with the free pylon 3.0 driver package for Windows (32bit and 64bit).

              We plan to go deeper into topics such as “API” or “Display Functions” in our upcoming newsletters. Stay tuned!

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