July 30, 2014

              One Year Anniversary for ace USB 3.0! We're Cutting Prices to Say Thank You

              Basler ace USB 3.0
              We've been selling our highly successful ace USB 3.0 cameras for more than a year now. By way of thanks for the thousands of cameras already sold, we're cutting prices for the models from VGA to 5 MP resolution. The reason: By ramping up production we're able to benefit from the economies of scale and now are passing the savings on to you! Entry-level models start at as little as €199.

              What do our customers like about the ace USB 3.0?

              When we ask our current USB 3.0 customers about the cameras, their feedback is clear: They love the broad selection of CCD and CMOS sensor models and the extremely stable implementation of our USB3 Vision Standard that keeps integration and interoperability smooth and simple. They also frequently mention the technological foundation for the interface, including plug & play compatibility and a low CPU load. These properties make Basler ace cameras a popular replacement option for older FireWire cameras and for new design-ins.

              René von Fintel, Team Leader in the Product Management department, explains: "We see how USB 3.0 Vision is increasingly gaining acceptance on the market and that users are increasingly willing to make the switch. This price cut is intended to make the switch even more attractive. After all, if the technology is right, then customers are ultimately going to look at the total system costs — and our ace cameras offer absolutely outstanding value for the performance."

              Comprehensive USB 3.0 Information

              Are you wondering whether USB 3.0 cameras are appropriate for your application? We can help you find out. Our website contains extensive, easy-to-comprehend information on the topic of USB 3.0:
              You can also contact our Sales Team or your regional Basler distributor for a personal consultation.

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