June 15, 2015

              One Cup Behind, the Next One Ahead

              As reported last year, GalaXIs, a student team from the RWTH Aachen, participated in the Carolo Cup, a university competition for autonomous model vehicles. The five-member team spent several months prior to the competition developing a completely new model vehicle at a 1:10 scale. The goal was to design and produce an affordable and energy-efficient autonomous vehicle. Our 2MP Basler ace GigE CMOSIS camera was part of its equipment. The vehicle uses the camera images to determine its location on an unfamiliar stretch of road.

              Team GalaXIs put its skills to the test at this year's Carolo Cup in Brunswick, Germany. The entry from the five members of team, a mix of IT specialists and electrical engineers, achieved fifth place. And that's not all — the expert jury, comprised of representatives from major automotive industry firms, crowned the team as best in the field when it came to "Overall Concept." The student team is now focused on improving the vehicle, with the goal of claiming the overall prize in 2016.

              The following video provides some impressions of the fully automated vehicle:

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