May 4, 2013

              Numerous Innovations and Improvements Coming to sprint Line Scan Cameras in May

              sprint Line Scan Camera
              Basler's tried-and-tested sprint line scan cameras, currently available in 39 kHz, 70 kHz and 140 kHz line rates, will be joined in May by 50 kHz models. There are also new sprint ESC models offering enhanced shading correction that strongly reduces inhomogeneity caused by the sensor and lens. Users can take advantage of user-friendly image presentation while enjoying a broader range of potential lenses and lower illumination requirements. These camera models are thus especially well suited for use in controlling printed materials and monitoring foodstuffs, while also offering the many other inherent benefits of line scan applications.

              An overview of all available models can be found on our website under Line Scan Cameras - sprint. Clicking on a model then pulls up the relevant specifications for that model.

              New Firmware, Color Enhancements and Updates to Already Installed Equipment

              The new V1.17 firmware was recently released for all sprint variants. Depending on their individual specifications, the update opens up the entire range of features. A new firmware update tool has also been released to help upgrade cameras in their current location. 

              Among the changes included in the upgrade are powerful color enhancements for all color camera models. A 6-axis operator is used to achieve especially high levels of color fidelity. To help customers find the optimal color settings for a variety of lighting conditions, Basler recommends using the gain, white balance, and color values for common lighting conditions as suggested in the upcoming manual release. You can find the current manual and other helpful documents on color configuration, Success Stories and Application Notes in our sprint download area.

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