April 4, 2014

              New White Paper: Fundamentals of Image Processing Systems

              Fundamentals of Image Processing Systems
              We have a broad wealth of knowledge and insight from our years of experience in building image processing systems. To share this information with our customers, we're launching a series of white papers titled "An Introduction to Image Processing Systems."

              The series kicks off with a white paper on "Fundamentals of Image Processing Systems." It surveys the individual components of image processing systems. Subsequent white papers will then go into more detail about the individual components.

              Image processing systems are used for a variety of applications, including manufacturing, medicine, traffic monitoring and surveillance.

              The first link in the image processing chain right now is a digital camera. It uses a specific protocol to communicate with a computer, which then processes the image data and which can be used to modify the settings on the camera. Other important factors are the resolution and sensor on the camera. This raises other crucial questions as well: Am I using a color or monochrome camera, which lens do I need, what kind of lighting is available, and what PC hardware and software will be used?

              Have a look at the first white paper from our series "An Introduction to Image Processing Systems" to find out the answers to these questions, and watch for later white papers to provide a more detailed look at the individual themes.

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