February 13, 2017

              New Video: Innovation in a New Dimension – Basler ToF Camera

              The Basler ToF Camera is the first high-resolution Time-of-Flight Camera in the mid-ranged price segment to offer such a broad variety of powerful Machine Vision features.  Our latest product video "Innovation in a New Dimension – Basler Time-of-Flight Camera" will show you the benefits of the Basler ToF Camera, how the Time-of-Flight principle works, the camera's key features and which applications this 3D camera is best suited to handle.

              The Basler ToF Camera operates on the pulsed Time-of-Flight principle, delivering distance values in a working range of 0 to 13 meters. It generates the associated depth value for each individual pixel, is easy to integrate with just one component, including a calibrated optic, and thus offers a high potential for savings in system setup.

              To learn more about the Time-of-Flight principle, please visit our Vision Campus: What is Time of Flight?

              All about the Basler ToF Camera can also be found on the product page at: www.baslerweb.com/tof

              Would you like to receive further information on the Basler ToF Camera? Simply contact your local Basler Sales Team.

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