November 6, 2013

              New version of pylon for Linux available!

              pylon for Linux
              The long-awaited new version of pylon for Linux is now available for download on our website. The new version of our Camera Software Suite pylon for Linux features new and improved functions, which can be immediately utilized specific to all Basler GigE Vision cameras:
              • Support for all prevailing i86/x64 Linux distributions for 32 and 64 bit systems
              • Support for ARM-based platforms
              • Incorporates the new Convenience C++ API introduced with pylon 3
              • Support for the latest GenICam standard 2.3
              • New IP Configurator
              • Full backwards compatibility with older versions of pylon for Linux
              Thus, we have significantly simplified the development of proprietary applications for Linux for you, whether for Intel or ARM targets, in comparison with earlier pylon for Linux versions. Many new sample applications illustrate the use of the new API. Of course, you may also continue to use the existing C++ API.

              If you have queries or need further information, our sales team will be happy to provide further assistance.

              pylon for Linux – now supporting ARM based systems!

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