October 29, 2012

              New pylon Version Available - pylon 3.2 with Updated IP Configurator

              The new pylon SDK version 3.2 comes with a fully revamped IP Configurator. It makes network configuration of Basler GigE cameras significantly easier, smoother, and more secure.

              The new IP Configurator shows all network adapters and connected cameras. Thus, you can easily see which camera is connected to which network card. In addition, it displays the full IP configuration of both cameras and network adapters. You don’t need to toggle between different windows to get the information you need for correct camera configuration. What’s more, you can configure the network card directly via the IP Configurator.

              Thanks to the new broadcast IP configuration mechanism, you don’t need to assign each camera a temporary IP address – just configure, save and you’re all set.

              In addition, the new pylon release includes many important modifications and bug fixes. Please check the pylon release notes for details.

              Click here to download the new pylon SDK.

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