May 22, 2015

              New Information about Sony’s CCD Sensor Discontinuation Plan

              Today, we would like to update you with the latest information regarding Sony’s final plan for their CCD sensor discontinuation. Immediately after Sony’s initial announcement last February, we informed you about the end-of-life milestones for Sony CCD sensors.

              Sony has revised their discontinuation plan. Sony CCD sensors used in Basler cameras are now planned with a last time shipment date until end of March 2026.

              Basler will ensure smooth transitions from current Basler products using CCD sensors to Basler products with CMOS sensors.  In that regard, Basler already offers a broad variety of CMOS sensor-based products that allow an easy transition even today.
              As Basler anticipated the CCD-to-CMOS trend very early, our current and future product portfolio provides secure and cost-effective replacement products with future-proof CMOS sensors. Shortly, we will also prepare a program to actively inform you about transition possibilities within our portfolio.

              Please be ensured that Basler is handling this subject with highest priority and is committed to manage it highly professionally, both from a reliable supply chain and a replacement product portfolio standpoint.

              We will continuously update you with detailed information regarding the supply status and new products in our portfolio that allow the transition from CCD to CMOS.
              If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Basler sales team or our Basler support team.

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