February 10, 2011

              New Firmware with Real-Time Trigger Functionality Available

              ITS System
              The latest firmware version (3.1.0) for our new IP camera range comes with several interesting features, especially for ITS (Intelligent Traffic System) applications.
              The real-time trigger functionality lets a Basler IP Camera stop its normal image capturing process when an external trigger signal is received by the camera and immediately capture a new image. That way, the exact timing of the triggered image capture can be defined and can be stored, for example, in the image's metadata. The real-time trigger functionality in Basler IP Cameras is unique due to the short period of time (only few milliseconds) between the receipt of an external trigger signal and the start of a new image capture. To realize this capability, Basler developers drew on their extensive experience in the industrial camera sector and in the use of industrial cameras in ITS applications.
              One possible application of the real-time trigger functionality is speed control systems that contain a ground loop sensor or a light barrier to detect a speed violation and to trigger an image capture of the speeding car. The real time trigger functionality can also be used to synchronize image capture with peripherals such as an external flash or a second camera.
              The images captured via external triggering can be stored in a separate alarm stream. This is especially useful when only the triggered images should be shown in a video management system.
              Another new firmware feature is known as "mirroring". When activated, this functionality flips camera images vertically, horizontally, or both. This is of particular interest, for example, for rear view cameras in parking aid systems.
              The updated firmware is only available for new Basler IP Camera models (BIP2-XXXXc/-dn) and it supports all capabilities of the optimized camera hardware.
              The new firmware, detailed release notes, and updated manuals can be found in our Downloads section.

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