October 4, 2012

              New Firmware with Extended ONVIF Functionality

              The latest firmware version 3.10 for Basler IP Cameras offers you extended ONVIF support and important bug fixes. We highly recommend that you upgrade your Basler IP Cameras with the latest firmware to benefit from the following functionality:
              • Multiple streams with ONVIF: You can now use up to four different video streams using any MJPEG or H.264 encoder type combination.
              • PTP (Precision Time Protocol): Basler IP Cameras now support highly precise clock synchronization using the IEEE 1588-2008 (Version 2) PTP specification.
              Please note: When upgrading from firmware version 3.7 or below, you need to install our Firmware Update Helper tool first:
              1. Download the firmware package from our website.
              2. Install the Firmware Update Helper tool.
              3. Perform a firmware update.
              When upgrading from firmware version 3.8 or higher, you can update your IP camera firmware as usual. Access the new firmware and detailed release notes in our Downloads section.

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