February 20, 2012

              New Firmware Supports Auto Focus Functionality

              Our latest firmware release offers you the benefits of new IP camera developments. This includes auto focus functionality in the HD dome camera model series now entering production.

              This recently-published version 3.6 firmware includes the following new functionality:
              • Auto focus: This feature automatically focuses the lens on your Basler IP Dome Camera after camera installation.
              • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol): now Basler’s IP cameras can use an SNMP heartbeat to check that the connection to a network video recorder or video management software is still active. If the connection has been interrupted, the camera can output alarm messages and/or execute alarm actions. Even during connection failure, Basler dome cameras can continue recording image data to their internal SD card.
              • SD card: A Basler dome camera can now be used as a self-contained camera/recorder system, by storing live images to its internal SD card; in this case, no network recorder or video management software is required.
              • Event-driven recording: Basler IP Cameras can send “alarm start” and “alarm end” signals to the network via HTTP commands. This information can be evaluated by a network video recorder or video management software, to record the camera’s image data on an event-driven basis.
              The new firmware and detailed release notes can be found in our Downloads section.

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