July 25, 2011

              New Firmware Offers Full Support for All New Basler IP Camera Models

              New Firmware
              A new firmware version has been created to allow our customers to fully benefit from Basler's latest IP camera developments. The firmware offers complete support for the latest camera models, and it supports all capabilities of the optimized camera hardware.

              The recently published version 3.3-1 firmware includes the following new functionality:
              • Support for the latest IP Camera models: BIP2-640c/-dn, BIP2-1000c/-dn, BIP2-1300c/-dn, BIP2-1600c/-dn, BIP2-1600c-25/-dn, BIP2-1280c/-dn, BIP2-1920c/-dn, BIP2-2500c/-dn, BIP2-D1000c-dn, BIP2-D1300c-dn
              • Constant-variable bitrate mode (CVBR): The H.264 encoder can be set to operate in constant-variable bitrate mode. As long as there is no motion in the scene, the encoder attempts to maintain a constant user-defined output bitrate by adjusting image quality as necessary.
                When the scene includes motion, the camera will increase the output bitrate (up to a maximum determined by the user) for an extended period of time. When that time ends, the camera will reduce the bitrate as needed to achieve a long term average bitrate equal to the user-defined bitrate setting.
              • Text overlay properties: The user can define the size and style of the text overlay displayed in the camera image.
              • Enhanced automatic exposure control and color fidelity
              The new firmware, detailed release notes, and updated manuals can be found in our Downloads section.

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