October 5, 2011

              New BIP Finder Version for Basler IP Cameras

              The popular Basler IP Camera Finder (BIP Finder) software, which helps you operate your Basler IP Camera, has been enhanced with several new features.
              The BIP Finder locates Basler IP Cameras in your network and displays information for each camera. With the upgraded BIP Finder, you can now directly change the IP settings of your camera.
              The newly-released BIP Finder version 1.6 offers the following improvements:
              • New feature: The IP settings of each available camera can be displayed and changed. BIP Finder warns the user if the availability of the camera might be lost due to changed settings.
              • New feature: A REC indicator appears in the status bar to show that the BIP Finder is waiting for information from the network.
              • New feature: Even cameras with a custom web interface are now visible in the BIP Finder.
              • Enhanced functionality: The "Open In Browser" and "Copy URL" menu items use the most appropriate camera address. Non-auto IP addresses have a higher internal priority.
              • Enhanced functionality: With the BIP Finder software, faulty routing table entries can be corrected to ensure camera accessibility.
              • Camera information: The camera type is displayed in a separate column.
              • User information: If the BIP Finder is not started using a local administrator account, a warning message will be displayed.

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