February 6, 2015

              New Basler White Paper: Image Quality on Industrial Cameras — How to Evaluate Them?

              New White Paper
              Bright, high contrast, focused — these are all qualities we expect from our images. How does a camera's digital gain impact image quality, and how do lighting, noise and sensor size affect shots taken by an industrial camera? One recommendation in advance: Be sure to make the comparison under precisely the same conditions that will be present for your application.

              This latest Basler white paper from our series "An Introduction to Image Processing Systems" provides a detailed description of how cameras can be evaluated in terms of sensitivity and noise characteristics and explains why image quality is sometimes only truly apparent at second glance. 

              Want to catch up on the first two parts of our series? Basler white papers can be found in the Documents Download area of our website on the topics

              "Fundamentals of Image Processing Systems" and "Camera Selection."

              They are available for download at any time.

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